"Kim hekim olmadan tıptan söz edemeyeceğimi söyleyebilir, eğer bir köpek gibi söz ediyorsam?
Bağımlısı olmadan uyuşturucudan bahsetmekten beni ne alıkoyabilir, eğer küçük bir kuş gibi bahsediyorsam?"

 Gilles Deleuze

‎"Who's to say I can't talk about medicine unless I'm a doctor, if I talk about it like a dog? What's to stop me talking about drugs without being an addict, if I talk about them like a little bird? And why shouldn't I invent some way, however fantastic and contrived, of talking about something, without someone having to ask whether I'm qualified to talk like that? Drugs can produce delire, so why can't I get into a delire about drugs? Why does your particular version of "reality" have to come into it? You're a pretty unimaginative realist. And why do you bother reading me, if that's how you feel? " 

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